Organization and action

I know I am new here and this maybe out of bounds for this site. But things are changing everyday and seems like over night. We are being driven for a purpose. This has morphed and has been flipped again. We were all about reopening our states from the scamdemic. Now a 10 minute video was taken of a murder of a Black man. And we now have riots in the streets burning the very businesses we were trying to save and support. We were standing up against the heavy handed tactics of the government and police for going after business owners. Now this has happened and now the protesters rioting are against the police. This is by design to overwhelm and crush our law enforcement. This is to over throw our system and crush it from both sides. We have got to think everything through but also take some actions. If we fail to do either of these things we are going to loose our country or what is left of it. We need to organize and know what actions we need to take as a group. These riots are planned and carried out by a script. They do not represent a true movement but a carefully organized plan. What are we the people going to do about it?

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I don’t believe the Facebook Group Reopen Alabama is going to do anything about it. That’s why I’m on this website instead. As for myself, today I’m going to a gun store to begin shopping for a pistol. I already have a rifle and a shotgun. And I’m going to stock up on ammunition. And once I have my pistol, I’m going to get a concealed carry permit.
If any protester tries to harm me, I will defend myself.

Yeah, most who are on the FB page are all talk. I think it will take action from us, be that whatever it is. I am armed as well and will defend life and property. As for Covid, I fully expect another shutdown in the fall, just in time for the election, and an attempt to steal the election through voter fraud. If that occurs, it will take more than a bunch of housewifes on FB to do what is necessary. I think it would be prudent to gather like- minded patriots and get a plan of action together.

I agree Josa and Troydon, I see so many talkers but no action takers. I have for a couple of months tried and tried to get people to sign a document to demand Ivey to open up the state without restrictions. The hard work has been done…all I needed was signatures…thats it. I would even be the one to deliver it and take it from there. This was to be our legal redress of grievances but its like pulling teeth. I needed at least 2k “wet ink” signatures. 2 months and I don’t know how many posts later…I have a grand total of 41. The women in Northport petitioning for Ivey to mandate masks had well over 350 so that tells you what side of the coin people are on. I think we as a society have become very lazy. Its unfortunate.